Our Journey

Millennium Cable Industries (MCI) was established in 1988. Since then, it has emerged as a trusted electrical cable manufacturer among public and private sector institutions and OEM’s in Pakistan. In 2009 MCI started its injection molding and basic harness manufacturing division and today it is providing complete power cables to leading consumer electronic industries.

MCI has a complete in-house Copper processing, wire manufacturing, injection molding, harness design, thermoplastics, and assembly section. We specialize in manufacturing of high quality flexible electric cables, Soalr cables and wires used in Automobiles, Switch-gears, Distribution Panels, Residential and Commercial buildings and Consumer Electronic industries.

MCI has the honor of being the first company in Pakistan to work with Environment-Friendly Non-Halogen and RoHS compliant Lead-Free compounds.

Our clients are first-tier vendors of various Japanese, Korean, European, Chinese and North American OEM’s. A well-organized team of skilled employees, highly qualified engineers, and experienced management team enables MCI to implement innovative technologies and offer internationally comparable products, competitive pricing, complete quality control, and flexible production system.

Today MCI is an efficient and self-contained cable and wire industry. MCI is an ISO 9001:2018 certified company and our cables are certified by leading organizations including PSQCA and PCSIR.

Our manufacturing plant in Lahore is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, manned by highly qualified workforce along with an excellent quality assurance system. An in-house copper processing unit capable of processing 4mm rods into various smaller sizes and gauges; Thermoplastics research, development and manufacturing division to cater the complex Insulation requirements of leading OEM’s; semi-automatic extrusion lines equipped with Self Centering Dyes, High Precision Electric Heaters, Spark Testers, in line Digital Diameter Controllers and in line Digital Counter Meters; and highly efficient Quality Department which thoroughly checks incoming raw material, in-process materials and finished product quality helps to ensure consistency in quality and efficiency of production process

MCI is capable and experienced in manufacturing electric cables and wires complying with international standards including JASO, BS, IEC, DIN, JIS and IS.

Our Products Showcase

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